About Us

About Us

What’s In A Name?

Why Perfection Plastic Surgery?

Over twenty five years ago I left the Mayo Clinic to join Dr. Dempsey in Tucson. At that time, the practice was The Plastic Surgery Institute of Southern Arizona. Just over a year after I joined the practice, Dr. Dempsey was tragically killed in an airplane accident.

After the loss of Dr. Dempsey, it seemed silly to have an “Institute” of just one person, myself. This was a time of tremendous growth and evolution for our practice, and part of the change revolved around what we would call ourselves. We continued to ask each other, “What makes people come to us?” and “What do our patients expect from us?” Ultimately, it came down to patients wanting us to be as perfect as we can be. Although it might outwardly appear arrogant, it was not meant to be. So, I settled on Perfection Plastic Surgery.

Our Mission

In our mission statement we say: “Only God can be perfect in all things.” Therefore, we hold ourselves accountable to working within our trade as perfectly as is humanly possible — from scheduling, to pre-operative analysis and planning, to the advice we offer.

Sometimes this comes in acknowledging we might not be the “perfect” choice for your specific goals. If that is the case, then we will actively work with you to find the best provider in our community. Alternatively, we may even refer you elsewhere in the country, to achieve your desired outcome. We are also constantly improving our techniques, our post-operative management and our long-term care. Additionally, we are always acquiring new technologies. This is all done in pursuit of a wholly positive experience for our patients.

The word “perfection” is held in front of every one of my staff and me every day, on our stationery and signage, to remind us of our shared goal. Obviously, the world is not a perfect place, but unless we actively pursue perfection in all we do for you, we are settling for less than the best we can deliver.

Look Your Best

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