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What Are the Benefits of Combining Non-Surgical Skin Care Procedures?

When you read about different non-surgical skin care procedures like dermal fillers and laser skin resurfacing, it’s easy to think about these treatments in isolation. However, when patients visit Perfection Plastic Surgery & Skin Care, they often find that a combination of treatments is most appropriate for their needs. That’s because different non-surgical treatments offer unique benefits as well as unique timelines for when and how long you’ll see results.

If you’re considering any type of non-surgical skincare—even just a facial—it’s a good idea to consult with one of our specialists first. We sometimes find that patients are unsure of their individual skin care needs, and they may be eyeing the wrong treatments based on glowing reviews on the web or beautiful results in a friend or family member. Yet not all treatments work the same way for all skin types. In addition, we can help you build a complete skin care plan rather than a spot treatment for your most problematic skin care concerns. The result is nothing short of Perfection!

Enjoy rapid treatment with all non-surgical skin care procedures.

The idea of multiple non-surgical skin care procedures becomes much less daunting when you think about how quick and easy these treatments usually are. Many non-surgical treatments can be performed during the same appointment. For procedures like radiofrequency skin tightening, dermal fillers, and microdermabrasion, you can be back to your normal routine within a few hours.

Target multiple problem areas.

Unless you’ve been truly blessed with amazing skin, you likely have a few problem areas you’d like to address. For example, you may primarily be seeking anti-aging benefits from your skin care but also want to address old acne scars. By utilizing a more generalized skin tightening treatment like Ultherapy along with customizable laser skin resurfacing by PiQo4, you can erase imperfections like acne scars while seeing an overall improvement in your skin’s youthful appearance and texture. In fact, laser skin care is one of the most effective ways to target scars and pigmentation irregularities like acne scars, stretch marks, birthmarks, and hyperpigmentation.

See both instant and ongoing results.

When browsing your options for non-surgical skin care procedures, you will find that there are lots of treatment options for any one concern. For example, wrinkles might be targeted with fillers, Botox, laser skin resurfacing, radiofrequency skin tightening, medical grade serums and moisturizers, or any combination of these treatments. One of the best reasons to combine procedures is to see both immediate and lasting results.

Procedures that yield a more immediate improvement in the skin’s appearance tend to have shorter periods of noticeable results. For example, Botox tends to last about 3-6 months before needing a refresher. Alternatively, procedures like Ultherapy work by tapping into the skin’s own healing response by triggering collagen production and cell regeneration. These effects tighten and smooth the skin over a longer period. However, they take longer to become visible.

Gain a better understanding of your skin care needs.

As you begin to invest more time and energy into your skin care routine, you’ll gain a more complete view of your skin’s needs. You might also find that you can reduce the frequency of different treatments over time, especially after adjusting your at-home skin routine to maintain beautiful results from professional procedures. Our skin care team is here to help you not only pamper your skin with the right procedures and professional products, but also better understand your skin’s chemistry and daily care needs.

If you want to fully explore the benefits of combining non-surgical skin care procedures, discover our Ultherapy Uplift Package. It’s the ultimate anti-aging treatment combining Ultherapy, PiQo4, and a complete home skincare routine with Revision Skincare or Skinbetter Science products. Learn more by scheduling your consultation at (520) 323-7100.