Surgical Procedure

Consider Cosmetic Eyelid Surgery for a Youthful Look


Psychology says that men notice first in women is, of course, their eyes, even when it comes to casual meet-ups rather than dating. Eyes are the window to the soul. Whether you have saggy eyelids or wrinkles, they can make you look overtired, aged, and even stressed out. For some people genetic is the main cause for drooping eyelids and for others it’s a sign of advancing years.

Thanks to Cosmetic eyelid surgery, commonly known as blepharoplasty, helps to rejuvenate the eyelids and remove the unwanted fat on your eyelids through an incision that is hidden in the natural eyelid crease.This relatively minor procedure can be done on the upper, lower, or both eyelids without any change in eyelid shape after surgery.

Not every individual is an ideal candidate for blepharoplasty. This surgery is performed to eliminate eye bags and treats skin tags.Ideal candidates for eyelid surgery include patients who have:

Puffy upper eyelids: This procedure can help patients to smooth the appearance of the under-eye area.

Tired looking eyes: This surgery can address the problem that cause patients to appear older and tired than they truly are.

Excess upper eyelid skin: By tightening and removing extra eyelid skin, patients can regain younger look.

An Ideal Eyelid surgery candidate should be:

At least 18 years old: Most candidates who consider this procedure are of age 35 to 61 years, but if anyone wants to get rid of droopy or baggy eyelids, then they might be an ideal candidate at a younger age.

In good physical as well as mental health: Though this surgical procedure is minor, but there may be eyelid surgery risks for potential patients.

Consultation to Doctor

Are you considering cosmetic eyelid surgery? Consult with an expert like Dr. Peter Kay at Perfection Plastic Surgery and Skin Care for the best results. During your consultation, doctor takes a comprehensive look at your eyes to determine which technique is best suited for your goal. Like if your lower eyelid skin is not excessive, you need to opt a technique, called a transconjunctival blepharoplasty which will remove fat through an incision placed inside the lower lid.

The Day of Surgery

  • Make sure you shower and shampoo before the surgery.
  • Do not wear any eye make-up like false eyelashes.
  • Don’t use contact lenses, jewellery or any other unnecessary accessories.
  • Ask your surgeon whether any prescription medicines or eye drops is meant to be taken before surgery.

Benefits of Upper Lower Eyelid Surgery

Upper Eyelid Surgery

  • Removes excess fat that gives the appearance of a half-closed lid
  • Eradicates the puffiness
  • Provides more youthful overall eye contour
  • Improves vision

Lower Eyelid Surgery

  • Removes excess fat
  • Recovers under-eye wrinkles
  • Removes under-eye puffiness
  • Lower eyelid shape is improved
  • Tightens the eyelid to improve sagging skin
  • Treats under-eye hollows