Surgical Procedure

Facelift is Perfect for Rejuvenated Younger Looking Self

As we age, our skin goes through a lot of changes. It transforms from a healthy glowing phase to sagged lifeless one before we know it. Aging is a natural process that can be delayed through healthy lifestyle and balanced diet but cannot be completely prevented. Also, unhealthy, stressful and sedentary lifestyle can quicken this process and make people look older. Facial skin is the most obvious one to give out age as fine lines and wrinkles start to appear in the early thirties and progress into deep wrinkles within no time. It is just not wrinkles but a loss of facial fat and decrease in collagen makes facial skin to droop.

Thanks to plastic/cosmetic surgery, a branch of modern medicine for coming up with improved rhytidectomy procedure popularly known as facelift procedure helping in sustaining youthful looks for few more years.


Facelift by definition means removal of wrinkles through invasive or noninvasive cosmetic surgery or procedure to give a rejuvenated look and feel to the facial skin including the neck. It is a surgical procedure to remove or tuck excess skin and redrape it carefully.


What Are the types of Facelift Procedures Available?

There are different types of facelift Tucson procedures (from minimal to deep invasive ones) available and people can choose the one that is most suitable for them.

Mid Facelift:

As the name suggests, facial skin in the middle of the face especially skins around cheeks is surgically altered without touching any other parts. This is the most commonly performed surgery as it helps in maintaining younger looking facial skin for long period of time.

Skin-only Facelift:

In this facelift Tucson procedure, only skin is surgically operated without making any changes to underlying muscles and nerves. Comparatively this is a safe invasive cosmetic surgery; however, lasts only for short period of time.

Full Facelift:

As part of this procedure, both midface and neck skin is lifted to get a uniform look. This is usually suggested for people with more prominent sagged skin on face and neck.

Miscellaneous/add-on/complementing Procedures:

There are few add-on procedures that people could opt in combination with the above-mentioned face lift surgery that helps in giving more natural looking and long lasting results. Dermal fillers are nothing but soft tissue injected into the skin to fill lost subcutaneous fat. Fat transfers is another procedure, where fat from different parts of the face is uniformly distributed to across the face.

Now that there are cosmetic procedures in place to address aging effects on facial skin, it is crucial to find the most capable and experienced plastic surgeons to get positive and long lasting results with minimal to no side effects at all. They will help in giving a more natural looking facelift. With facelift Tucson surgical procedures, one can experience freedom from wrinkles, fine lines, and drooping skin and maintain younger looking self for long period of time.