Get Amazing Results with Ultherapy Procedure

Sagging skin can make you look older and leave you feeling insecure about your appearance. From sagging brow lines to sagging chins and necks, people dealing with this kind of slack skin may feel like they have few alternatives. Skin sagging isn’t a simple problem to solve, like many wrinkles are. It is usually caused by a mix of genetics and loss of collagen. Collagen is the substance in skin that helps it look supple, firm, and youthful. Collagen production usually declines when aging occurs, which results in thinner skin. In the past, the only way to really deal with sagging skin, other than skin creams that promised and failed to deliver firmer skin, was surgery. Although facelifts, brow lifts, and neck lifts provide powerful results that last, undergoing surgery isn’t practical or desirable for everyone. Thankfully, today there is another option: Ultherapy. With Ultherapy, patients can get dramatic results that look natural and that last for an extended period of time, all without needles or an invasive procedure. Here is how Ultherapy can help you look and feel your best.

How does Ultherapy fight sagging skin without surgery and without needles, creams, or other typical anti-aging treatment ingredients? The answer is ultrasound. During Ultherapy treatments, ultrasound energy is directed towards the deepest layers of your skin. The heat from the ultrasound creates an environment of neocollagenesis—also known as collagen rejuvenation. Collagen in your body starts to increase, which in turn helps your skin look firm rather than saggy.

The results develop over time.

Because Ultherapy relies on a natural process in your body to make your skin look younger, the results aren’t instant. Although many patients say their skin looks younger to them almost immediately, the results actually develop over time. Within about two to three months, the results will become more noticeable, and they will usually reach their peak about six months after treatment. This is because of the natural process that occurs in your body because of Ultherapy. Collagen production restarts and increases as a natural response to the treatment, so it doesn’t deliver overnight results. The benefit of this is that the results will appear natural, rather than people noticing a dramatic, instant change that says you had a cosmetic procedure.

Treatment times are longer than some other anti-aging treatments.

Many people who get anti-aging skin treatments, like Botox and other injectables, are used to fast procedures that can be done in a lunch hour. Ultherapy is a little different. Although it requires significantly less treatment time than plastic surgery, it is still more involved and lengthier than anti-aging injections. If you are having Ultherapy on targeted areas of your skin, then each area will require between 30 and 90 minutes of treatment time. If you are having a full face and neck treatment, you can expect to undergo treatment for about three hours.

The treatment time involves cleaning your skin and applying the ultrasound gel, before the ultrasound device—a smooth, handheld applicator—is passed over the skin repeatedly. Before treatment, you will also receive a topical numbing treatment, and in some cases, patients take a medication to help them feel relaxed for the treatment. For this reason, if you are having a lengthy treatment and plan to take the medication, you will need a ride to and from your appointment.

You might not need any downtime after your treatment.

After your Ultherapy treatment, you can return to your usual activities in most cases. Your skin may be slightly swollen, and it may be tender or feel tingly. You may also have some redness, bruising, and numbness. These side effects, when they occur, are minimal and short-lived. If you decide to take oral medication—which is usually required for a full treatment—then you are likely to feel groggy. You won’t be able to drive until the medication wears off, and you may simply feel like sleeping. Many people find that they benefit from having the rest of the day off after getting Ultherapy.

The comfort of the procedure is subjective, but in your control.

Many patients who consider Ultherapy are hesitant to move forward with it because they think it is going to hurt. There are many misconceptions about the comfort level of Ultherapy. Most patients find that the procedure is mildly uncomfortable at times, but tolerable. The sensation is caused by energy reaching the deep layers of your skin, and it is a sign that it is working. Once the Ultherapy applicator is removed, the sensation stops. The oral medication plus the topical numbing cream helps to keep patients comfortable. If you do find the procedure painful, your provider can reduce the energy on the device, so be sure to speak up so that your treatment can be tailored to your needs.

Ultherapy can be a good option if your skin slackness is mild to moderate.

Ultherapy is usually recommended to people whose skin sagging is not yet severe. The results are the most dramatic you can get without undergoing plastic surgery, but sometimes, skin sagging may have reached a point where surgery is a better option. Your physician will examine your skin, review your treatment goals, and help you decide if Ultherapy would be an effective treatment for you. Once you have it performed, the results will usually last for at least one year, and often, they can last for two or three years. For this reason, Ultherapy can help to delay the onset of severe sagging that requires surgery.

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