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Get the Facts about PiQo4

Do you have dark spots, such as sun spots or age spots, making your skin look blotchy? Are you one of the millions of adults with a tattoo you wish to erase? If so, you need to know about PiQo4. PiQo4 is a powerful laser solution for tattoo removal and skin discoloration that delivers reliable results without damaging the surrounding skin. With adjustable penetration depths and wavelengths, the PiQo4 system can treat even the largest and most colorful of tattoos with less ghosting and fewer treatment sessions than other lasers. Could PiQo4 be right for you? Here are the facts you need to know.

PiQo4 is a laser treatment that uses both picosecond and nanosecond laser pulses. Research has shown that dark spots and hyperpigmentation are most effectively treated when exposed to both picosecond and nanosecond pulses, as picosecond pulses break up small and shallow pigment particles, while nanosecond pulses reach deeper and larger areas of pigment. Combining them both allows the nanosecond pulses to break up the large, deep pigmented areas and the picosecond pulses to clean up the remaining small, shallow particles. PiQo4 is the only technology that combines both types of pulses in a single treatment system so that the provider can switch back and forth as needed to address the patient’s specific treatment needs.

The PiQo4 system offers up to 10 times more energy than other laser systems, which means treatments can be faster and more effective. Typically, patients are able to achieve their desired results with significantly fewer sessions than other treatments would require, making PiQo4 more cost effective and convenient.

Does PiQo4 hurt?

As with all laser treatments, PiQo4 heats the surface of the skin. Patients report that the heat feels similar to the sensation of having a sunburn. During treatment, the laser makes loud popping sounds as it makes contact with the skin. As the laser pulses make contact, it may feel like a snap of a rubber band. After treatment, the sunburn-like sensation may persist.

Although PiQo4 is not completely painless, most patients find it very tolerable. Be sure to communicate with your provider throughout the treatment. PiQo4 is highly adjustable, so your provider can make adjustments as needed for your comfort.

What can PiQo4 treat?

PiQo4 is very effective at treating hyperpigmentation, such as age-related skin damage or sunspots, as well as birthmarks. It can also be used to treat acne scarring and other types of pigmented scars. PiQo4 can address much larger scars and birthmarks than other forms of laser therapy.

One of the biggest advantages of PiQo4 treatment is its ability to erase tattoos. Because the wavelength of PiQo4 is easily adjusted, it can erase a broader range of tattoo designs than other treatments. Other forms of laser treatment are good at treating black and dark green ink, but struggle to remove yellow, turquoise, purple, and fluorescent colors. With PiQo4, all of these colors can be effectively erased, with little to no remaining hint of the tattoo left behind. Keep in mind that the closer the tattoo is to your heart, the better the removal results will be. This is because circulation is better closer to your heart, which makes the ink removal more efficient.

What are the advantages of PiQo4?

There are several advantages of PiQo4 treatment besides the ability to remove all kinds of tattoos and treat large areas of discoloration. One of the biggest benefits of PiQo4 is that it can be safely used on all skin tones. Many laser treatments are not safe for darker skin tones because they remove pigment from the skin. PiQo4 is safe for everyone and can be used on all skin tones without fear of discoloration or pigment loss.

The power of PiQo4 means that patients get results in fewer treatments and that the treatment sessions themselves are faster. Typically, PiQo4 treatments provide results in half the number of sessions required for other laser treatments. Most people can see the results they want from between two and 10 treatment sessions, depending on the size, location, and type of discoloration being treated. Sessions are scheduled six to eight weeks apart. With tattoo removal, after each session, your body will flush out ink over the course of several weeks.

The best way to see if PiQo4 is the right treatment for you is to make an appointment at Perfection Plastic Surgery and Skin Care for a consultation. We will evaluate your tattoo or skin discoloration and help you create a personalized treatment plan to get the results you want. Schedule your appointment today by calling (520) 441-1338.