Non Surgical Procedures


From light laser peels to deep fractional skin resurfacing, CO2RE laser treatment offers a wide range of benefits for patients with a variety of skincare goals. Without a single surgical incision, the CO2RE laser penetrates the skin with CO2 laser energy that taps into the body’s natural healing response. The result is smoother, softer, more youthful skin that you’ll be thrilled to show off. Perfection Plastic Surgery & Skin Care can help you decide if CO2RE is right for you and provide exceptional care through every step of the treatment process.

Reasons for Considering COR2E Laser Treatment

As we get older, our skin undergoes several changes that become visibly noticeable on the surface. Collagen production slows down while skin becomes increasingly lax, so you may notice more sagging, fine lines, and wrinkles. In addition, the body’s natural regenerative healing process slows down, so various types of environmental damage, especially sun damage, may become more evident. You might notice common signs of aging like sun spots, uneven skin tone, blotchiness, or roughness in the skin. CO2RE laser treatment can correct these issues by kickstarting the body’s natural healing response.

As you consider the benefits of laser skin rejuvenation, you’ll find that there are many laser treatments out there. CO2RE represents the latest generation of laser skincare technology and is appropriate for both full and fractional skin resurfacing. With any CO2RE treatment, you can expect rapid, precise treatment yielding smoother, brighter skin that only continues to improve over time as collagen regeneration reshapes your skin from within. Treatment is ideal for those with fine lines, wrinkles, surgical and acne signs, rough skin tone, and sun damage.


CO2RE is a newer generation of laser resurfacing treatment that can address many of the same problems as other fractional laser therapy procedures, but with less downtime and less discomfort in the treatment process. All fractional laser treatments use a fractioned pattern that leaves small bridges of untouched skin, so that the procedure is a safe, outpatient treatment that does not require significant healing time.

Many patients ask about Halo laser resurfacing, which delivers ablative and non-ablative wavelengths of light to microscopic treatment areas of the skin. CO2RE does the same thing, but under a different name. Both treatments are highly effective at reducing sun spots, wrinkles, discoloration, rough skin texture, acne scars, and traumatic scars.
CO2RE can work for a wide range of patients, because it has adjustable wavelengths to vary the intensity of treatment. So, it can give you mild rejuvenation in your late 30s as you may start to see crow’s feet and laugh lines settle in, or it may be a more intensive treatment for more advanced signs of aging, scarring, and sun damage.
This procedure is often effective after just one treatment, but the full results will develop gradually. You will need to stay out of the sun for a few days after treatment and wear sunscreen whenever you do leave the house. There may be some light peeling, redness, and tenderness in the skin, which are natural signs of healing. These effects will subside after about 7-10 days, but you can likely continue your daily routine right away with just minor adjustments to your skin care. A short course of antibiotics may also be recommended to reduce the risk of infection. The results are as permanent as those from surgical procedures, but you will see the continued signs of aging develop as you get older.
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