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skin care products
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Skin Care Products

There are two primary factors that determine how quickly the delicate skin of the face ages: inherited genetics and environmental exposure. Thus, you only have limited control over the aging process in your skin. If wrinkles, age spots, and other telltale signs of aging are common in your family, chances are, you’ll experience them as well. However, there are ways to dampen mother nature’s influence on your skin. The right skin care products will be essential. Understanding how your surrounding environment affects your skin is another important factor.

How does environmental skin aging occur?

Environmental skin aging occurs from daily exposure to free radicals from sun, pollution, wind and smoke. Sleep deprivation, stress and disease also play a role in the aging of the skin. UV sun damage accounts for 90% of avoidable skin aging by compromising the structural health of the skin, causing it to loose elasticity and wrinkle prematurely. Medical grade skin products are designed to provide the most effective means of cleansing, correcting, and protecting the skin. Therefore, you should skip the store-bought solutions and visit Perfection Plastic Surgery and Skin Care for options that will better protect your skin.

How do I choose the products that are right for me?

We can provide you with choices among the best available products to achieve your goals for skin correction, rejuvenation and maintenance. Our skin care staff is continuously evaluating the efficacy and reliability of the many products available in today’s marketplace. To meet your goals, it is vital that we carefully evaluate your skin and help you to choose skin care products that will enhance the treatments that you receive in our office.professionals.

In general, products are meant to cleanse, correct, and protect the skin. We will discuss with you the conditions in your skin that you want to improve, how rapidly do you want to see changes occur and what is your tolerance for downtime, and how many steps are you willing to take with application of products. Even more importantly, we will consider your budget. In some cases, we will recommend products from one single skin care line. Alternatively, we will combine specific products from a variety of lines to help you achieve your goals.

The skin care products that we have available to you are from the following brands that specialize in medical grade skin care. These are only available through medical

  • Obagi Medical Systems: Nu-derm, CRX and Clenziderm
  • SkinMedica
  • SkinCeuticals
  • Nia24/7
  • Neocutis
  • Colorscience
  • Jane Iredale Mineral Make-up
  • Clarisonic Skin Cleansing System and Opal Sonic Infusion System
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