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Patient Resources

Deciding to have cosmetic plastic surgery and finding a surgeon to entrust with your care is not something to take lightly. Ultimately, your best resources are Dr. Kay, himself, and his support staff. Coming into the office for a consultation is the best way to get answers to your specific, individual questions. However, if throughout your journey you would like outside references, Dr. Kay recommends the following resources:




Questions and Answers

Pricing for surgical and non-surgical procedures can vary significantly, depending on patient needs. Our office team will be happy to discuss pricing for your desired procedures as well as your financing options.

Prior to your surgery, you may need lab work as part of your health history. These labs may be covered by your insurance and can be scheduled with a variety of local providers.

If you are traveling from out-of-town, you will attend an in-person consultation with Dr. Kay. Our office can also recommend lodging options and places to visit prior to your surgery while you’re in Tucson.


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