Body contouring involves reshaping the body to achieve a more contoured, attractive appearance. The desire for reshaping parts of the body may stem from undesirable fat distribution or body changes related to pregnancy or significant weight loss. Body contouring surgery is NOT intended to achieve weight loss, but rather the reshape the body that usually is close to its ideal weight.

When assessing a patient for body contouring surgery, it is important to consider three factors: skin, fat and muscle.

Dr. Kay’s Approach

As regards skin, I evaluate the location and amount of excess skin. It is also very important to consider the elasticity of the skin. I need to determine where the fat is located and particularly if the fat is outside the abdominal cavity or inside the abdominal cavity. The muscle is particularly important in shaping the abdomen. If there is a separation of the paired left and right abdominal muscles, there will be a resultant bulge. This is often seen after pregnancy and no amount of exercise can correct this condition.

When these factors are carefully considered, the best treatment approach can be determined. If the skin tone is fairly smooth and elastic, and there is no involvement of the muscle, liposuction alone can achieve the desired result. If there is excess or lax skin, it must be removed in order to achieve the best body contour. Surgical correction is needed if the muscle is separated.

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