The Tummy Tuck is a surgical procedure that contours the tummy by removing fat and excess skin and by repairing the muscle separation that often accompanies pregnancy or significant weight loss. When the excess skin, muscle separation and fat occur below the belly button alone, a MINI-TUMMY TUCK is possible.

Liposuction may be included to improve the final result. When both the area above and below the belly tuck is involved, a FULL TUMMY TUCK is needed. For the past 6 years, I have been using a specific technique, called progressive tension suturing. This technique, which involves securely anchoring the skin flap to the underlying tissue so that they can heal without disruption, has revolutionized my abdominoplasty procedure in several important ways.

Dr. Kay’s Approach

First, I most often do not need to use drains in the surgical site. The drains are intended to remove the persistent build up of fluids in the surgical area. By using the progressive tension suture technique, fluid does not typically accumulate which makes recovery faster with fewer complications. My patients are able to move in a more upright posture after surgery, which allows for a healthier post-operative course.

Additionally, I place a thin catheter in the surgical area that infuses local anesthetic for three to four days after surgery. This significantly reduces discomfort and allows my patients to assume normal activities sooner.

In addition to the health and comfort aspects, I am able to better contour the abdomen with the progressive suture technique, which leads to a better surgical result. In summary, my approach to tummy tuck surgery, utilizing the progressive suture technique, simplifies the surgery, significantly reduces surgical complications, shortens my patients recovery and improves their results. Surgical correction is needed if the muscle is separated.

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