Breast Reduction


Breast Reduction

When to Consider a Breast Reduction

  • If you have large breasts that you feel are not proportionate for your frame and build.
  • If the size of your breasts makes you feel uncomfortable and/or self-conscious.
  • If you have large breasts that contribute to neck, shoulder, and/or back pain.
  • If you are looking to correct asymmetry by matching the larger breast to the smaller one.


  • Breast reduction results in immediate relief and improvement of the medical conditions associated with enlarged breasts.

  • Patients are very pleased with the improved cosmetic appearance and proportion of their breasts following a reduction.


  • The incisions involved in breast reduction surgery are extensive and the final scars depend upon your own healing tendencies.

  • Dr. Kay does not bill insurance. You will have to pay out of pocket to have Dr. Kay perform your breast reduction.

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