Unwanted Tattoos


 a 21st century phenomenon.  Whether it is for employment concerns, military enlistment ,or other reasons, statistics show that 20% of people regret their tattoo(s) and that number is steadily increasing. Until now, removal of unwanted body art has been incredibly painful and time consuming – but a new product on the market is changing that.


 is a quick and easy non-surgical, non-invasive laser skin treatment for those seeking a more youthful appearance. PicoSure® laser can treat many areas of the body including chest or décolleté, face, hands, legs, and more. Patients have also experienced great results for the treatment of acne scars, pigmented lesions and wrinkles.

PicoSure® laser focuses on your problem areas whether it’s brown spots, sun damage, freckles, pigmented lesions or acne scars. PicoSure® offers a gentler treatment. In the past, lasers have relied on intense heat energy to remove pigment from the skin, which may be painful and lead to significant skin redness and downtime. Click to learn more about PicoSure® PicoSure