Skincare Tips to Keep You Glowing on Your Summer Vacation

Traveling is fun and easy, but packing for your trip may be a different story. It can be tough to decide what’s worth bringing and what should stay at home, but your skincare essentials should definitely make the cut of what goes in the suitcase. Proper skincare doesn’t take a day off, so be sure to keep up with your skincare routine even while you’re traveling. In fact, you might even benefit from bringing along a few extras to pamper your skin after a long flight or a hot day at the beach (we personally love Revision Skincare Vitamin C Lotion). Let’s take a closer look at what you need to do to maintain flawless skin while you’re on vacation this summer.

The best thing you can do for your skin while you’re on vacation is keep your daily skincare routine as close to normal as possible. That means your cleanser, moisturizer, toner, and overnight serums should all come along with you. Since you’ll be in a new area and will likely be out of your routine when it comes to meals and sleeping, the consistency of your skincare habits can be just what you need to look your best in your vacation photos.

  • Talk to your doctor before you travel – If you have a complex skincare system, it can be helpful to talk to your doctor about what you can skip. You should also tell your skincare specialist where you’re headed for your trip, since you may need some added moisture or deeper cleansing throughout your vacation.
  • Invest in travel-sized containers – Packing up every skincare product you own definitely isn’t practical, so make things easier with dedicated travel-sized containers for all of your essentials. You can find TSA-approved, lightweight containers that won’t make a huge footprint in your luggage, so you won’t have to leave anything behind. Once you get home, make sure you finish the product in each container and clean them all thoroughly—avoid the temptation to leave what’s left in the bottles for the next trip.

2. Never skip the sunscreen.

Sun protection should already be part of your skincare routine in Tucson, but even if you travel somewhere that’s not so hot and sunny, you should still apply sunscreen daily. If you’ll be traveling to the beach, pick up a reef-safe sunscreen that won’t damage the local ecosystem and that will offer more water-resistance than other types of sunscreen. Also check the expiration date, and be sure to store your sunscreen in a cool place—once it gets runny, it’s time to toss it. Going out of the country? It’s a good idea to pack sunscreen from home, since there may be a huge markup in popular tourist areas. You also want to be able to read the label, so you can avoid potentially harmful additives like oxybenzone.

3. Bring facial cleansing wipes and a hydrating mask.

You may need to freshen up throughout the day as you’re out and about, so bring along facial cleansing wipes to keep in your day bag. These can be great for wiping away the excess sweat and oil that tend to accumulate in the summer heat, and they’re also handy for removing makeup at the end of a night out when you just don’t feel like washing your face (we’ve all been there!). If you do find that your skin gets extra oily in humid, tropical areas, pack a deep cleansing gel to keep your skin feeling great.

A hydrating mask is another extra to bring along, especially if you’re traveling by plane. The air inside a plane’s cabin is often dry and thin, so you might need some extra moisturizer to protect your face during the flight or refresh in the hotel room once you land. Choose a mask that doesn’t feel heavy on your skin and has few or no added fragrances or dyes.

4. Go light with your makeup.

Sure, you might want to wear makeup while you’re out to dinner or enjoying local nightlife, but keep your daytime look easy and low-maintenance. When you’re on vacation, why not let your skin take a vacation, too? If you’re able to, take a break from heavy foundation, and stick to a breathable, tinted moisturizer—perhaps with added SPF—and a light lip balm. Going light with makeup lets your skin absorb surrounding moisture and prevents clogged pores, and it’s a perfect look for your vacation vibe.

If you’re in search of products that will protect your skin while on vacation and at home, schedule an appointment with Dr. Kay at Perfection Plastic Surgery and Skincare through the site or by calling (520) 323-7100. We will provide personalized recommendations for your unique skin type, and we can also help you explore non-surgical skin rejuvenation to get your skin ready for the makeup-free days of your upcoming vacation.

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