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Male cosmetic surgery

It’s a common misconception that only women have plastic surgery. Actually, a growing percentage of plastic surgery patients are men. If you’re a man who is dissatisfied with some aspect of your appearance, and diet and exercise alone aren’t enough to correct these problems, then it’s time to take matters into your own hands. Dr. Kay at Perfection Plastic Surgery and Skin Care provides individualized treatment plans designed to accommodate the unique needs and goals of men.

Reasons for Male Plastic Surgeries

Every man has his own personal reasons for choosing to have plastic surgery. Some men opt for surgery after a divorce. They want to look their best as they venture into the dating world again. Others choose plastic surgery because they want to stay competitive in the corporate world or job market. While looks aren’t supposed to influence hiring or promotion decisions, they do have a notable influence on how a man is perceived.

Common Types of Plastic Surgery for Men

Men can undergo nearly any type of plastic surgery that women may have. However, the aesthetic goals for men and women are different. Dr. Kay plans each surgery based on the individual patient’s needs and goals. Some of the most commonly requested plastic surgeries among male patients include the following:

Talk to Dr. Peter Kay about your aesthetic concerns. Some men may require more than one type of surgery to achieve the body and face they desire.

Special Considerations for Men

During your consult with Dr. Kay, you will be encouraged to ask all of your questions and discuss your concerns. Our office prioritizes patient education, and will ensure you are fully informed before you make a treatment decision. When planning a male plastic surgery, it’s necessary to consider certain factors that do not apply to female plastic surgery.

For example, visible scarring can be more difficult for men to hide, since most of them do not wear makeup. The loss of scalp hair can also be an issue when planning a male face lift, as thinning hair or balding spots cannot adequately hide a scar near the temple area. Dr. Kay will carefully plan your surgery so that the scars are as hidden as possible.

Perfection Plastic Surgery and Skin Care welcomes male patients who wish to look their best at any age. You can schedule a confidential consultation with Dr. Peter Kay—a board-certified surgeon with decades of experience. Call our office in Tucson at (520) 323-7100


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