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What Causes Uneven Skin Texture?

What Causes Uneven Skin Texture?

Have you noticed that your skin doesn’t have the same supple softness that it did when you were younger? Are you frustrated by persistent dullness in your complexion? Do you find yourself wishing you could shrink your pores? These are common skin care woes that can be traced to a single cause: Uneven skin texture.

Unlike uneven skin tone, which can be more easily masked with makeup, uneven skin texture is difficult to improve without help from a skin care professional. Fortunately, Perfection Plastic Surgery & Skin Care is here with the solutions you need.

Why Is My Skin So Bumpy?

Before determining the right solution for uneven skin texture, it’s necessary to explore possible underlying causes. There are a handful of common causes of uneven skin texture. One that’s totally outside of your control is genetics—if your mom and grandmother struggled with enlarged pores or bumpy skin, you’re more likely to have these issues as well. However, there may also be some other factors at play.


Acne can cause more problems than active breakouts. Acne scars may have a rough, uneven appearance on your skin. Because acne scars are caused in part by a lack of collagen as the skin heals from breakouts, anti-aging treatments that trigger new collagen production in the skin can be highly effective.


It’s easy to forget that your skin is a living organ in a constant state of regeneration. Dead skin cells build up on the surface of the skin as new ones develop deep within the skin. However, the aging process can slow everything down, causing excess buildup that makes the skin feel rough and bumpy. Skin also produces less collagen and may overproduce facial oils at the same time. As a result, you might experience more breakouts and see a dramatic difference in your skin texture as you get older.


There are many activities and habits that can affect your skin texture and appearance. Among the worst offenders for uneven skin texture is cigarette smoking. Quitting smoking can have profound benefits for your health, but it’s also one of the best things you can do to slow down the aging process. Spending lots of time outdoors can also be rough on your skin, if you don’t protect yourself with sunscreen. You should apply sunscreen daily and reapply during periods when you’re spending several hours outdoors.

Skin Conditions

If you struggle with rosacea, eczema, or other skin conditions, you may find that it’s difficult to balance and care for your skin. Combining the right products and some in-office skin treatments, you can take better control of sensitive skin and achieve the even skin texture you’ve been dreaming about.

How to Improve Skin Texture and Complexion

Your first step for addressing any skin care concern is to schedule a consultation in our office. Our skin care technicians will help you pinpoint the causes of your uneven skin texture and select the right treatments for your needs.

Most likely, our team will recommend a combination of clinical skin care treatments and products for at-home use. In-office treatments will yield more immediate results, so you can see a significant improvement in bumpy or grainy skin texture. Here’s an overview of some of the treatment options we might discuss during your visit:

  • Laser Skin Rejuvenation – There are several laser skin rejuvenation procedures out there, including Clear + Brilliant, ResurFX, and PiQo4. Each of these procedures works essentially the same way, although different laser treatments can have unique benefits. For example, PiQo4 is particularly effective for targeting scars, hyperpigmentation, and other types of discoloration. One thing all laser skin rejuvenation procedures have in common is that they trigger collagen formation in the deeper layers of the skin. So, as the skin heals from your treatment, you’ll notice that it feels much smoother and boasts a natural glow.
  • Dermal Infusion Facials – Sloughing away dead skin cells with a facial can instantly brighten your skin. However, dermal infusion facials can go much deeper and provide lasting benefits for the skin. We frequently recommend the DiamondGlow Facial for patients seeking a natural improvement of uneven skin texture. Dermabrasion and high-powered suction remove impurities from the pores and deep clean the skin. At the same time the skin is infused with your choice of SkinMedica serums to achieve your desired skincare goals.
  • Microneedling – Through a process called Percutaneous Collagen Injection (PCI), microneedling taps into the skin’s regenerative abilities and boosts collagen production naturally. Following microneedling, 100 percent of patients reported an improvement in skin laxity and texture—you simply can’t argue with those results.
  • Chemical Peels – Just like physical dermabrasion in a facial, chemical peels can remove the outermost layers of skin to reveal new, healthy skin cells below. Chemical peels can vary from light, in-office peels to deep peels performed in a surgical environment. Light peels are ideal if you want a quick improvement in your skin texture without much downtime.

Best Products for Uneven Skin Texture

Everyone’s skin is unique. Moreover, uneven skin texture can be caused by several complex factors. So, it’s ideal to go over your skincare needs with a professional. While you may not necessarily need an entire skincare routine of medical grade skincare products, you may benefit from having a few professional products in your daily lineup. Our team can help you decide which products are right for your skin and which ones can help you smooth your skin and shrink your pores naturally. Here are a few solutions you might consider:

  • Sunscreen – Sun exposure can cause free radical damage to your skin along with sunburns and dark spots. Protect your skin with a daily sunscreen that’s formulated for your skin type.
  • Vitamin C – Sunscreen may prevent damage, but you may need an antioxidant boost to fight back against existing damage to the skin. Vitamin C is a powerhouse for your skin that can replenish smoothness and brightness.
  • Retinoids – Retinoids can help balance the skin during the aging process. They simultaneously thicken deeper layers of the skin while thinning the outer layer, causing a youthful dewy glow. They can also pump up collagen production for lasting benefits.
  • Hydroxy Acid Cleansers – Buildup on the surface of the skin is a frequent contributor to uneven skin texture. Hydroxy acid facial cleansers can help you reduce this buildup by gently stripping the skin of dead cells during daily cleaning.

If you feel like your skin is anything short of perfection, schedule your skin care consultation with Perfection Plastic Surgery. Call (520) 323-7100 to book your appointment.