The removal of tattoos using lasers is pricy, painful, and time-consuming. It is, nevertheless, the best choice. To find out more, swipe up.

When removing tattoos, PicoSure lasers are more efficient than Q-switched lasers. They work incredibly well on faded tattoos 

It's vital to understand that the white frosting is a transient side effect of the laser penetration's heating of skin pigment.

Results for laser tattoo removal will vary depending on the type of tattoo, whether it was done professionally or by an amateur and its age.

Professional tattoos are the hardest to remove since the ink is inserted deeply and requires at least 8 to 15 sessions to remove.

It is recommended to wait four to six weeks between treatments so the pigment can be naturally eliminated from the body.

You are instructed to limit your time spent in the sun after each treatment session, and you are urged to apply sunscreen with at least an SPF of 30.

Scarring, alterations in the texture of the skin, burning, and light or dark spots on the skin are all potential side effects of this technique.

Utilizing a methodical tattoo removal approach carried out by a professional tattoo remover. To learn more, contact us.