What should you expect when you’re getting Botox?

Frown lines and crow’s feet—these are a few of our least favorite things!

These lines and wrinkles can immediately give away your age, but Botox can treat these common signs of aging and help take years off your appearance.

If you’re thinking about getting this anti-aging treatment, you’re definitely not alone. Botox is incredibly common, because it is a quick and effective way to manage frown lines in the forehead and crow’s feet around the eyes—some of the first wrinkles that tend to develop on the face. However, Botox is still a medical procedure, so it shouldn’t be something you get on a whim.

Here’s a closer look at what you can expect with Botox, so you can make a more informed decision with your plastic surgeon about whether it’s right for getting rid of your least favorite things.

Because Botox has become such a popular treatment, many different places offer it, including med spas, dermatology clinics, primary care clinics, and even dentist’s offices (who knew your dentist could help you get younger-looking skin?).

Of course, Botox is a cosmetic treatment, so it makes sense to seek treatment with a cosmetic surgeon or an experienced RN injector within a medical practice. Before committing to any doctor for your Botox injections, ask how often they perform this treatment. Physicians and nurses with more experience in providing Botox injections will be able to achieve the most natural results, allowing you to put your best face forward!

We all love saving money and finding great deals, but you should also remember not to base your decision solely on the price tag, because a lot of times, you end up getting what you pay for! While many clinics will offer Botox specials and coupons for treatment, you should only select your provider based on their qualifications, not the price of the treatment. But if you find a fantastic provider offering a deal, that’s a win-win.

You will still look like yourself after treatment

Botox isn’t a filler. It works by relaxing muscles in the face, which can reduce some expressiveness when you frown or get angry. However, you’ll still look like yourself and your eyes and lower face will remain as expressive as ever—good Botox treatment should reverse the signs of aging, not take away your expressions!

Botox is not painful but there may be discomfort.

Many patients are drawn to Botox because it is a non-surgical procedure, but some still have concerns about pain during treatment. Luckily, there is no need to worry about pain from Botox.

During treatment, the plastic surgeon will use a micro-needle that causes slight pricks with the injections but does not result in any serious or lasting pain. One thing to remember is that Botox is not one single injection, but actually a series of very small injections in different areas of the face. You may not feel some of them at all and others might cause more of a sensation during the needle stick.

If you do have strong discomfort with Botox, inform the doctor immediately, as allergic reactions are possible and may be responsible for pain symptoms.

Botox recovery time is just 4 hours.

Did you know that Botox treatment only takes about 10 minutes? Many patients are surprised by how short the procedure is and the fact that they’re able to return to their regularly scheduled activities after leaving the office.

Still, there can be some side effects such as tenderness in the face, mild bruising, and swelling, so you might need time to recover. Immediately after you leave the office, you should avoid strenuous activity and avoid lying down for about 4 hours.

You can go right back to work if you don’t have a physically-demanding job, and you don’t have to worry about limiting the use of your facial muscles. In fact, your doctor will probably encourage you to talk and express yourself normally, as movement in the face can help the Botox solution distribute properly. So go ahead and talk your coworker’s ear off—it’s part of your treatment!

You can also expect your appointment to take about an hour in total, as your doctor will walk you through the treatment and discuss your medical history to be sure that Botox is the right option for your needs.

Get the best results after 1 to 2 weeks of treatment.

It is normal not to notice a huge difference in your appearance immediately after your Botox treatment, but it will not take long for the results to set in. You’ll see a gradual improvement in the days immediately following your treatment, and you’ll see the best results after around one to two weeks.

Botox is not a permanent treatment, but it will last for about three to four months before you need follow-up care.

You can stop Botox treatment any time.

You will need continued injections to keep seeing optimal results from Botox treatment, but you can also stop treatment at any time without seeing any adverse effects in your appearance. The effects of your last treatment will simply fade gradually, and you will see crow’s feet and brow lines reappear.

Botox can again have a positive effect on these facial wrinkles if you have repeated treatment later on, so consider maintaining a Botox routine to keep those lines and wrinkles far away!

If you are considering Botox injections, consult with Dr. Peter Kay at Perfection Plastic Surgery to discuss how Botox can benefit your appearance. We strive to achieve amazing results for every patient, so we never recommend treatments with a one-size-fits-all approach. If you want to schedule a free consultation to talk about Botox, visit our website or call (520) 323-7100.