Skincare Laser Resurfacing Non-Surgical Procedure

Your Holiday Skincare Routine

Your schedule is probably already full of events through the holiday season. From family celebrations to office parties to holiday gatherings with friends, there’s always something to do. For all these special events, it’s only natural to want to look your best. Unfortunately, there are many factors working against your skin during this time of year. Winter weather can leave your skin feeling dry and rough. Furthermore, the stress of holiday shopping may have you looking and feeling tired and run down. However, you can still look phenomenal by creating a holiday skincare routine with a little help from Perfection Plastic Surgery and Skin Care. We offer a variety of regenerative solutions that won’t require long appointments in our office or extensive downtime.

If you aren’t feeling your most confident heading into the holiday season, call Perfection Plastic Surgery for a skincare consultation in Tucson. Dr. Kay can help you identify the right procedures for your top skin concerns, so you can make an impression during every holiday event you attend. Plus, you’ll look great in all the pictures that other guests post on social media

Lunch Time Skincare Procedures

Throughout November and December, many patients schedule lunch time procedures, which can be performed in about 30-40 minutes. Additionally, these procedures have virtually no downtime. You may see some slight redness and swelling immediately following your office visit, but you will be party-ready in no time. However, don’t let the lack of downtime fool you. These procedures can yield dramatic results with a naturally beautiful, more youthful glow in your skin.

  • Lumenis M22 Laser – Laser skin resurfacing and IPL (intense pulsed light) therapy are two of the most popular lunch time procedures out there. The Lumenis M22 laser can provide either treatment or a combination of both to yield customized results based on your skin concerns. Unlike other laser skincare procedures, the M22 laser is a non-ablative laser treatment that only requires a single pass over the skin. Thus, it is gentler on the skin and boasts minimal healing time. Patients who are struggling with uneven skin tone and texture, fine lines and wrinkles, sun and age spots, and broken capillaries can all benefit from this treatment option.
  • PiQo4 – If you are looking for targeted treatment of pigmentation issues, age spots, scars, and fine lines, then PiQo4 may be the right choice for you. This laser treatment utilizes a non-thermal laser with four wavelengths capable of nanosecond and picosecond delivery. In other words, it is highly customizable and very quick. Ideally, you would schedule PiQo4 and other laser treatments about 2-3 weeks before your holiday events, as this will provide time for collagen production to ramp up as a result of treatment. However, you will see a dramatic improvement in skin pigmentation and texture immediately after your treatment.
  • OxyGeneo – For overall facial rejuvenation that yields a brighter complexion and smoother skin, the OxyGeneo 3-in-1 Super Facial may be just what you need. This treatment is more than just a facial, as it combines microdermabrasion and skin infusion with a traditional facial. After the skin is exfoliated through microdermabrasion, the infusion treatment can penetrate deeper into the skin. This introduces one of two special formulas designed to brighten the skin or combat the key signs of aging. With either treatment, the skin is immediately softer, smoother, and more even in tone and texture. You can receive an OxyGeneo facial just days before major holiday events and be ready to face any crowd.

Medical Grade Skincare Products

Along with in-office treatments, Dr. Kay may recommend improving your at-home holiday skincare routine with medical grade skincare products. Our office carries a variety of leading brands only available through medical providers, including SkinMedica, skinbetter science, Colorscience, Obagi, and Revision Skincare. These products contain higher concentrations of active ingredients like retinol, collagen, and antioxidants. In addition, they are available in a wide range of formulations to address all types of skincare concerns. Whether you need acne control or anti-aging skincare, we can help you create an at-home product regimen that visibly improves your skin.

Treat yourself this holiday season with skincare at Perfection Plastic Surgery. Through November, we are offering 25% off all SkinMedica products. Don’t miss out on these amazing deals!